The Hon. Mark Hillman

Board Member

Mark Hillman is a Colorado native, farmer, and a “recovering journalist.” He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Colorado Civil Justice League, the state’s leading organization in the fight against lawsuit abuse.

Mark was elected two terms in the Colorado State Senate and served as Majority Leader. In 2005, Mark was appointed by Government Bill Owens to be the Colorado State Treasurer where his focus was on improving the state’s financial stability. In 2008, Mark was elected to represent Colorado on the Republican National Committee.

In elected office, Mark has been a leader in the fight to protect the rights of private property owners against government takings, to halt frivolous lawsuits and demand personal responsibility, to promote economic opportunity in rural communities, and to empower parents through educational choice and accountability.

His dynamic, common-sense leadership earned him recognition as National Legislator of the Year, Champion of the Taxpayer, and Guardian of Small Business. His commentaries have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post,, and numerous other publications.

Mark operates a family farm and ranch near Burlington which includes hard red winter wheat, cattle, quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Mark and his wife, Heidi, have two children.