Leadership Program Retreat 2025

Save the Date!  February 21-22, 2025

What is LPR?

We mutually pledge to each other Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor.

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Timeless Principles.  Leaders in Action.

The Leadership Program of the Rockies

LPR trains emerging leaders in America’s founding principles–why they were important in the beginning and how they apply to the challenges of today.

Then it teaches and fine-tunes the leadership skills necessary to impact public policy.

LPR Graduates Choose Liberty

They become a force for the timeless principles we cherish.  In fact, LPR alumni have become local and national elected officials, top state leaders, federal judges, presidential cabinet members, and prominent movers in the arenas of political process, policy change, business and education.

The LPR Experience

…is more than a one-time seminar or conference.  Comprising nine full-day sessions and multiple events throughout the year, the organization is designed to have nothing less than an enduring impact on the knowledge and capabilities of its graduates — and, fundamentally, on the preservation of the American idea.

High-Caliber Students

Classes are limited to sixty-five high-caliber students selected from legal, economic, business, political, nonprofit and civic professions into a nine-session curriculum led by an elite team of local leaders and nationally recognized experts.  The result is the knowledge, tools and skills to preserve liberty.

What People are Saying about LPR

“LPR is one of those rare organizations that punches well above its weight.  Every year it selects and trains a small cadre of leaders—of all ages and walks of life—in the founding principles of America…and has a profound effect not just across the Rockies, but across the nation.”

KT McFarland

Former White House National Security Advisor

“We need this boot camp for the political class now more than ever—not just in Colorado, but in every state in the union.”

Steve Moore

The Heritage Foundation

“Freedom is sacred—something you have to be constantly vigilant about. That’s what I love about this program—it prepares leaders to take on the battles of freedom.”


Fox / Fox Business Anchor

“This leadership program is inspiring because they’re taking the principles of freedom directly to the people…to a culture that needs to remember what freedom is.”

Stephen Hayes

Journalist and Author

“Spending time with the Leadership Program of the Rockies was rejuvenating.  THe energy and excitement of hte LPR members is truly contagious.  LPR shows that there remains a deep commitment to our core principles that can be the path through our many social and political divisions.”

Jonathan Turley

Professor, The George Washington School of Law