Defenders of Capitalism™

Defenders of Capitalism™

2022 Defender of Capitalism™ Winner:

Congratulations to Clay Doke, recipient of the 2022 Defender of Capitalism™ award!

About Defenders of Capitalism™

The Leadership Program of the Rockies curriculum is designed to develop, strengthen, train, and equip emerging leaders, that is, to integrate ideology and action. It provides an opportunity to rediscover the principles of America's Founders. These principles established the framework for a socio-economic system that came to be known as Capitalism.   Though it created the most affluent and virtuous culture in history, Capitalism has been viciously attacked and ineptly defended and so is, today, not understood or practiced.  Because these principles, the base of our freedom and prosperity, are constantly being eroded, it's crucial that leaders have an understanding of capitalism and learn its intellectual, historical, and moral defense.

We study, along with other supplements, the works of two of the greatest Defenders of Capitalism:

  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
  • Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

And we will be pondering the answers to such questions as:

  • -What is the relationship between economic freedom and political freedom?
  • -What exactly is Capitalism and why is it disappearing?
  • -Who is John Galt?
  • -What were the true causes and consequences of the Great Depression?
  • -How did the 'Cradle to Grave' welfare state take over the land of the free?
  • -What does it mean to say the words 'to make money hold the essence of human morality'?
  • -How do we apply principles of Capitalism to today's pressing problems?

Our members compete for the coveted Defender of Capitalism Award through rigorous vetting:

  • -How do they think and communicate on their feet in Speak Out sessions?
  • -Do they understand and apply the principles that underlie Capitalism?
  • -Can they defend capitalism - passionately and persuasively, utilizing skills learned in class and language that appeals to various unique constituencies in a final oral presentation?

We are changing the culture by training present and future leaders in the principles and actions that make America exceptional, and this includes the principles of Defending Capitalism.

Visit the Defenders of Capitalism website to learn more.

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