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Shari Williams

Shari Williams

Building an Army for Freedom! Shari Williams is the president of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, and has held a leadership role in the organization and its predecessor since 1989. Ms. Williams has more than thirty years of experience as a professional in public policy, strategic planning, and state and federal political campaigns. Her expertise and passion is educating and training emerging free market public policy leaders to advance individual rights and the proper role of government. Her history is one of inspiring others to be in charge of their government and play meaningful roles. Ms. Williams is nationally renowned as a consultant for a variety of high-profile public policy projects. A skilled campaign architect, she has a stellar record of election wins at the federal, state and legislative levels. She promotes national and international public policy as executive director for two charitable foundations. As a public policy entrepreneur she strives to develop new methods for engagement and persuasion. Shari Williams Political and Public Affairs Consulting work translates ideas into action — which result in sound public policy, election victories and strong, informed leaders. Selected Accomplishments:
  • President, Leadership Program of the Rockies. She also created a Republican Campaign Academy, which trained candidates for public office. Most recently she developed the School of Persuasion, a graduate program for the LPR. Ms. Williams’ leadership graduates serve in offices ranging from local and statewide posts to the U.S. Congress and cabinet of the President.
  • Executive Director, Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, focusing on national issues ranging from fundamental tax reform to missile defense. Current issues include immigration reform, tax policy and civic education.
  • Executive Director, Krieble Foundation, primarily involved with international free market organizations and issues including international tax competition and property rights in other countries.
  • President, Americans Back in Charge, managed the first campaign in the United States to successfully drive a federal and states term limits amendment and went on to help orchestrate a national campaign drive. She served as a consultant for various grassroots issue campaigns in 23 states, including balanced budget amendment, tax reform and missile defense.
  • Strategic Consultant, architecting the 121-vote victory margin for Congressman Bob Beauprez in the newly created 7th Congressional District. That victory was subsequently increased to 30,000 votes.
  • Board member for the National Taxpayers Union, a 350,000+ national pro-taxpayer membership organization;
  • Advisory Board for the Heritage Foundation Colorado Committee, Advisory Board for Talent Market.
  • Past-General Consultant, Bob Beauprez for Congress and Beauprez Gubernatorial campaigns;
  • General Consultant, Bob Schaffer for Congress;
  • Consultant, Bill Owens Gubernatorial campaign;
  • Consultant, United States Senator Wayne Allard.
  • Other campaigns included Bill Armstrong for U.S. Senate, Terry Considine for U.S. Senate, Mike Coffman for State Treasurer; Bob Greenlee for Congress, Greg Walcher for Congress, and Wil Armstrong for Congress.
Stephanie Muth

Stephanie Muth

Vice President of Network Engagement
Stephanie Muth was a member of the 2015 Leadership Program of the Rockies Class. She’s previously worked with several LPR alumni in politics, including campaigns for State Senate and County Commissioner. She has also worked independently with political organizations such as Colorado Women’s Alliance and Americans for Prosperity. She is a native of Colorado and received her undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Affairs in Massachusetts at Gordon College. She has also worked and studied in both Botswana and Zambia, Africa.
Audry Oxley

Audry Oxley

Operations Director
A native of Lamar, Colorado,  Audry graduated from Lamar High School, completed a Bachelor of Arts at Tulane University, holds a master's in public administration from Louisiana State University, and a Master’s in Strategy and Policy from the United States Naval War College. Audry spent over 25 years in the United States Navy before retiring in 2022. She is a servant leader who has worked and led a variety of teams to success.