Nationally Revered Speakers for LPR Have Included:

John Andrews – Chairman, Backbone America

Dick Armey – Former Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

Bill Armstrong – Former United States Senator

Ron Arnold – Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Dr. Bill Ayens – Director, Network Information & Space Center, UCCS

Jed Babbin – Editor, Human Events

Fred Barnes – FOX News Host, Beltway Boys & Editor, The Weekly Standard

Bob Beauprez – Former United States Congressman

Pam Benigno – Director, Independence Institute Center for Education Policy

Michelle Bernard – Independent Women’s Forum

Ron Brady – President, Colorado Education Association

Dr. John Brock – University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Dr. Yaron Brook – President, Ayn Rand Institute

Peter Brookes – Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs & Director of the Asian Studies Center for the Heritage Foundation

Christine Burtt – Field Director, Americans for Prosperity

Jon Caldara – President, The Independence Institute

Dan Caplis – KHOW Talk Show Host, Caplis & Silverman

Alex Castellanos – TV & Advertising Consultant, National Media

Susan Chamberlin – VP of Government Affairs, CATO Institute

Robert Clinton – Colorado Council on Economic Education

Mike Coffman – United States Congressman

Celeste Colgan – Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

Ward Connerly – Chairman, American Civil Rights Institute

Ann Coulter – Radio Talk Show Host

Alex Cranberg – Chairman, Aspect Energy

Dinesh D’Souza – Hoover Institution Fellow, Stanford University

Steve Emerson – Executive Director, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Ed Feulner – President, The Heritage Foundation

John Fund – The Wall Street Journal

Frank Gaffney – President, Center for Security Policy

Dr. Vernard Gant – Director, Urban School Services ACSI

Cory Gardner – Colorado State Representative

Jeffrey Gayner – Chairman, Americans for Sovereignty

Scott Gessler – Former Colorado Secretary of State

Linda Gorman – Director, Health Care Policy Center, Independence Institute

Daniel Griswold – Director of the CATO Institute’s Center for Trade Policy Studies

Aaron Harber – The Aaron Harber TV Show

Bruce Haynes – Consultant, National Media

Joel Hefley – Former United States Congressman

Hugh Hewitt – Radio Talk Show Host

Mark Hillman – Former Colorado State Treasurer, Majority Leader

Pete Hoekstra – United States Congressman

Jonathan Hoenig – Managing Partner, Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund

David Horowitz – President, Center for the Study of Popular Culture

Mike Huckabee – Former Governor of Arkansas

James Humes – Author & Presidential Speech Writer

Laura Ingraham – The Laura Ingraham Show

Brian Ivers – United States Marine Corps

Krista Kafer – Consultant and Author

Ross Kaminsky – Proprietary Derivatives Trader

Brian Kennedy – President, The Claremont Institute

Dr. Charles Kesler – Director, The Salvatori Center, Claremont McKenna College

Steve King – United States Congressman

Walt Klein – Walt Klein Advertising

Dr. Tom Krannawitter – Director, Defenders of the Declaration

Helen Krieble – President, Vernon K Krieble Foundation

Doug Lamborn – United States Congressman

Mike Littwin – Columnist, Rocky Mountain News

Michael Lucchesi – Colorado Council on Economic Education

Frank Luntz – Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research

Alice Madden – Colorado State Representative

Frank McNulty – Colorado State Representative

Dr. Patrick Michaels – Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute

Zell Miller – Former United States Senator

Dan Mitchell – Senior Fellow, The Cato Institute

Shawn Mitchell – Colorado State Representative

Victor Mitchell – Colorado State Representative

Dr. Robert Moffitt – Director, Center for Health Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. William Moloney – Colorado Commissioner on Education

Mark Montini – M2M Strategies

Scott Moore – Anadarko Energy

Steve Moore – Editor, Wall Street Journal

Krista Mutch – Western Gas Resources

Kay Norton – President, University of Northern Colorado

Kate O’Beirne – Editor, National Review

Rick O’Donnell – President, Acton Foundation

Bill Owens – Former Governor of Colorado

Tom Palmer – VP of International Programs, The Cato Institute

William Perry Pendley – President, Mountain States Legal Foundation

Gene Poteat – Retired Senior CIA Official

Dennis Prager – Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Columnist

Christopher Preble – Director of Foreign Policy, CATO Institute

Gordon Riggle – Senior Lecturer, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

James Rogan – Former United States Congressman

Mike Rosen – Talk Show Host, Radio KOA

Tony Salazar – Colorado Education Association

Celia Sandys – Granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill

Joe Scarborough – Host of MSNBC’s Scarborough Country

Bob Schaffer – Former United States Congressman

Dave Schott – Director, The TACT Group

John Shadegg – United States Congressman

Dan Siciliano – Senior Lecturer in Law and Associate Dean for Executive Education and Special Programs, Stanford University Law School

Jim Sims – Executive Director, Western Business Roundtable

Fred Smith – President, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Sandra Solin – President, Capitol Solutions

Nancy Spence – Colorado State Senator

Jim Spencer – Denver Post

Dr. Rulon Stacey – Poudre Valley Health Systems

Tom Tancredo – former United States Congressman

Grace Marie Turner – President, Galen Institute

Tim Tymkovich – Federal Judge, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Paul Vallely – Retired General & Fox News Military Analyst

Dr. Richard Vedder – Ohio University and American Enterprise Institute

Dick Wadhams – Former Chairman, Colorado State Republican Party

Bridgett Wagner – Heritage Foundation

Greg Walcher – Former Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Mike Williams – Director, Defenders of Capitalism

Dr. Gary Wolfram – Hillsdale College